Monday, November 30, 2009

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware sales in sri lanka. We computer is a Machine made by electronic items.So we have carefully work when we use it.It get for multiple purposes.Typing.Networking,Entertainment, are its usage of today.If we look at future,it says about AI(Artificial Intelligence)AI mainly use to reduce man power requirement.Also it use for reduce unit/life-cycle cost.This all of computer hardware.

We know computer parts pf the system unit.Mother Board,Ram Card,Sound card,TV card,VGA card,CD/DVD Driver are few parts we use to work in this machine. we know many country had produce these parts today.It it high cost function happened in factory.Also it has good sides,also bad sides.But country like sri lanka producing a computer parts is a hard thing.The Cost is very high. so sri lanka choose method to made computers.They import second hand also brand new parts from the many countries of the world.SO sri lanken dealers can sale computers to law cost than when they going to produce those parts.

If you wish to buy a machine..........try this!!!!!!!!!!


No 118,Colombo Road,

I went to above shop last Monday.New Accessories had came that day.I helped them.Also that day,they getting orders from their wholesale customers.Sri lankan Computer market is more complex if they has no connection with dealers in international market.